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in my inbox i received a quote from elena brower that said, "don't waste a good crisis." 


whether you are moving through all this with ease or struggling to see the light - there is much discovery and learning that is possible now.

we have an opportunity to pause, look at our lives and question our way of living. this particular series is one of a four part series where each series will focus on the season we are in and how it relates to our lives. through this practice, we can gather a lot of information that can be directly applied to our own lives.

this is my way of offering a space of connection and calm in this time through yoga, check in/journal questions, music, and meditations. it will all be on one website so very easy to access and use. i hope it can help to create an inner world for yourself that feels peaceful and inspired.


more details below, plus some sweet words from the first series. ​


4wks: the fall series


to connect to the season of fall and how it applies to us through yoga, meditation and check in q's. 


you will receive access to a webpage where i will be posting the following each week:

  • 1x check in question

(w forum for more connection w others)

  • 1x 45min yoga class

(flow style w modifications)

  • 1x playlist

  • 1x meditation/breathing exercise


all classes are pre-recorded and posted monday mornings.


cost is $45 total. sign up by:


  • pay via CC - button below


you will receive an email on nov 8th with all the info.

all classes will be posted on one website page so it will be easy to use.

*10% of proceeds go directly to the north shore crisis services society.

sweet words from previous series

(i pinkie swear i didn't make these up)

 I love the week 2 class and check-in so much! You always seem to know what we need the most. I’ve done it twice this week and know I’ll do it more in the future! 


Love each flow/sequence. They just feel so RIGHT. I don't know how to articulate it. But each one I do I think - " Holy crap, this is exactly what I need. THIS is my favourite so far!" 

I'm soooo much better today after the yoga class, journalling and sleep lol) 

These past 4 weeks have been so perfect and I loved all your classes. I want to say thank you thank you again for being you and for this amazing offering.

I just wanted to take a minute and tell you how much I’m loving your yoga online right now! Honestly, you’ve really nailed it with the emotions I’ve felt each week. I miss your in-person class, but this is great! 

Finally got to do your first class this morning and lovvvved it Sus!!!!  So great to hear your voice again!  Especially when you'd correct yourself and laugh:). Ummm the playlist is PERFECT and went so beautifully with the practice.

KICK ASS yoga class - exactly what I needed. Feeling much better about the world after activating my strong centre. Such goodness. I’ll probably be doing that one a few times this week. thank you! I feel lucky!

Thank you so much for your online yoga vid, Sus. It is honestly saving my mental health this morning. 

This is the medicine we all need right now.

thank you thank you thank you!!! Loving it!


That was everything i needed!



Seriously amazing. 

Like i could do that every night. 

Just did your week 1 yoga. Amazing! Thank you! I so needed it.

Just wanted to send a quick note of gratitude for your yoga classes.

helped me get through a tough day yesterday

I joined the class online yesterday, and was having a hard time holding back the tears when the class started. Emotions are running high, and yoga is a huge release. 

I did your class when I was feeling particularly stressed and anxious and I can’t even tell you how much it helped me feel better.


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