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food + Body

For years i struggled so much. No matter what I did I felt as though I was a broken and unfixable. But after these few months of sharing and learning from you, I have unraveled all of that hardness and sorrow and opened my heart to my own self. It is your magic, your healing intuition, that guided me through this and for that i will ALWAYS be grateful. - AS

I now understand my relationship to food on a much deeper level and make conscious choices to nourish rather then numb myself. The care and effort Susanne puts into her work makes such a difference in ensuring you can make your health and self care a life long journey! Thank you!


I'm feeling pulled into action for positive change big time. no time like the present to be well, to the core. boy i am grateful our paths crossed and i made the choice to accept support. thank you.


Susanne has such a gracious demeanour that very quickly you feel comfortable being able to open up and get to the root of what’s going on for you. She has an amazing capacity to celebrate your successes and support you unconditionally when you need it. Specifically, she really helped me clarify the confusion I felt so that I could make a unique plan for myself (one formed from a place of kindness!) It truly helped build the solid foundation I have now for a healthy relationship with food and ultimately, with myself. I highly encourage anyone struggling to reach out to her!


First of all, THANK YOU. I got so much out of our first call already! That was a beautiful space you held and I couldn't have dropped in quicker. I so appreciate the absolute compassion I felt and the ability to vomit all of that out. Space was created quickly.


I was always trying to make things so much more challenging, bigger, dramatic than they really needed to be. I was wanting things to be “perfect”. I could see so clearly I was causing my own stress; pain. Instead of “doing” or trying so hard to be so much and perfectly, I remember and remind myself now “slow down”, keep things simple. simple is all that needs to happen.


Honestly our conversation was SO eye opening


You have this beautiful ability to allow people to feel what they feel and be who they are with total acceptance and not an ounce of shame.  You give people permission to courageously reveal themselves and step into their own strength. what a gift.


If you want to start listening to your body and stop treating yourself like sh*it, get in touch with sus right away... like, right now! Why are you still reading this? You should already be on the phone with her.


Honestly I feel a lot lighter after becoming aware of my eating habits. I realized after slowing down to eat that I really don’t need a lot of food to become full! I’m still blown away by the rest and digest eating technique, you taught me so much in just one hour!


It's nice to get in front of you, it feels like a mirror. Your listening and bouncing it all back at me. Thanks for holding space and helping me create more positive experiences and healthy choices for myself.


I feel like I'm cleansing any of the emotional cleansing instead of numbing out and distracting and pleasing myself through snacking.


I felt a lot of clarity and It feels very natural and easy to open up with you.


I got so much out of our first call already!



I was in your class this evening and simply wanted to tell you not only how much I had enjoyed your asanas but also your words, your music, your rhythm - everything touched my deepest soul. So much so that I was in tears in savasana. I love your classes.


it was THE BEST I wish I could experience that minimum 3x per week 


we all choose to practice in your home with you because you offer such an amazing practice with choices/adaptions/mentorship. You offer so much that we all love. We all appreciate, enjoy and respect you and your offerings




Susanne's unique ability is to create a space conducive for learning and understanding, whether this be in a yoga studio, a sidewalk, or a dinner party.  She is a truly gifted teacher and mentor.


I have been very skeptical of yoga for years and never felt comfortable to just walk into a studio and try it out. My experience with Yoga has been a great one and I’m certain that Susanne played a big role in it.


I feel like I’ve finally found something that has helped me relax and somewhat check out. So, thank you for being such a great instructor who has made our workplace 'studio' a comfortable and welcoming place.


I've known Susanne for three years, during which time she has never ceased to amaze me with her wisdom and integrity as a mentor, colleague, and friend.  I encourage you to attend one of her yoga classes, as she is an outstanding teacher!


With her warm energy, easy-going vibe, and dash of silliness, Susanne has the amazing ability to encourage self-acceptance while also inviting just the right amount of challenge to promote discovery and growth. That’s why I love her!


We were all positively impacted in so many ways. You have such an amazing talent and we we're lucky to have had you share your gift with us


I greatly admire your practice and how you deliver yoga.


Susanne is a powerful teacher, holding space with integrity and grace. Her workshops are incredibly well rounded with equal parts balance for connection and sharing and inner work and practice while offering insights and wisdom. I will definitely continue learning with her as she continues to share her gifts.


Thank You for being so cheerful/uplifting/and obviously loving what you do. Thank you for all you brought to each and every individual class you teach. And thank you for allowing me to come even on days it was hard work to get there.


Susanne offers subtle self reflection which leaves the attendee feeling empowered in self ability and healing. Gifted and excellent offering!!