4 week workshop series

sundays 7-8:15pm 

april 15-may 5th

distrikt movement

pull away from outer distractions and comparison which make us feel small, confused and lost and go inward for real confidence, direction and focus in our lives.

in this workshop we will spend 75 min each week to retreat from our lives and connect back to ourselves. we spend the time writing, doing yoga, meditating, breathing and sharing.


many of us move through our lives appeasing the world but not listening to our own personal calls and guidance. the focus in this series is to become more aware of the language of the body and its way of guiding and speaking to us.

we will look to a new direction each week focusing on themes of: body/clarity, mind/strength, emotions/self love, spirit/intuition.


there’s always homework for the week to practice and further explore what showed up for you in our time together.


week 1 - EAST - body/clarity


in the east we focus on beginnings and starting anew. we wake up our bodies, deepen our connection to it, and open up to clearer answers to our questions. 

week 2  - SOUTH - mind/strength

in the south we find our strength. through a dynamic practice, we build and connect to the fire within ourselves so we can come back to that when we feel uncertain, or confused, or sluggish. we face the patterns of our mind and sink deeper into our integrity and deeper strength of how we show up for ourselves and others.

week 3 - WEST - emotions/self love

the west is the direction of love and self love. we deepen our relationship with our emotions and understand their unique way of guiding us. we sink into our heart and offer it the chance to speak uncensored as we listen.

week 4 - NORTH - spirit/intuition

here we will let go of effort and struggle as we connect to intuition and wisdom. we allow it to take the lead. we deepen our relationship with our higher self and its ability to guide us.