how i work

i work with the belief that our bodies are wise and intelligent. our bodies are constantly guiding us towards health and nourishment. they are on our side.​


our body communicates to us in its own language - by how we feel. it lets us know whether it is being nourished or depleted, cared for or ignored. 


when our body's needs are not being met, we see and feel its imbalance. it can look like overeating, bingeing, feeling hungry all the time, skin issues, fatigue, weight gain/loss, etc. 


we don't have to search endlessly for just the right book or expert advice on what to eat. you already know and have many of the answers. your body is already guiding you.


the missing link is often our willingness to feel and listen. 


when we start to understand the language of our body, we begin to have a greater appreciation for it. we begin to care for it rather than ignore or fight it. it becomes easier and more appealing to make decisions that nourish us.

my role is to help you listen to your body, to recognize its intelligence and use that towards towards your goals. 


we work together to calm anxiety and tap into moments of peace and clarity. this is where wisdom and intuition flows naturally - the clearest and most accurate guidance you can call on.

from this place, we let our bodies speak without judgement or control (this is key) and we listen. 


simple but not always easy. it requires your commitment and genuine desire for change. 


i rarely assign meal plans, and we 

definitely don't count calories. there's almost always homework.


this image below outlines the elements i use to navigate our work together.

this is not a paved path. your journey is unique and true to you as you make and create your own way.



















Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 1.27.52 PM.png

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details on each element

the four elements

clarity + Body

integrity + mind

sessions always start by getting clear. we bring awareness to where you are now and where you want to go. we look at your relationship with food and your body and open up to the possibility of healing and transformation.


we put a stake in the ground to mark the beginning of this journey.

here we pull from various tools to begin to settle deeper into your self. it may include journaling, movement, dreaming, visioning, crafting, scribbling, naturing, alone time.

throughout our sessions and journey we inevitably come face to face with the many demons in our mind. they have very convincing and rational opinions seducing and convincing you back to comfort and safety. they also are the same ones holding you back. 

here we face them, see them, stand up to them. we might realize they become less powerful in the limelight.

the tools we pull from here include meditation, mindfulness, breath work, stillness and imagery. we sink into our deeper and more reliable strength.



feelings + self love


wisdom + intuition


here you unplug from pleasing the outer world and begin to nurture the inner world. 

this is where we open the door to your feelings and emotions. crying is very common in our sessions so keep all the kleenex nearby. so is laughing. so is frustration and resistance. i welcome all of it.

we decipher between a real hunger cue and a craving for more from life cue. we look at patterns with food as a symbol of patterns within ourselves.


we actually lighten up by letting the feelings be revealed. we make more space for all the things you love to see or do

from clarity to integrity to self love, we begin to trust ourselves and our bodies. this opens up the path for wisdom to flow. intuition 

becomes stronger and more reliable. we connect to a higher part of ourselves for answers and awareness.

we start to see that our bodies were always steering us towards nourishment.

we celebrate milestones. we might look back at that first stake in the ground and reflect on how far we've come.


this is the space of spiritual nourishment. through connection to nature, prayer, stillness, quiet, movement, we savour the inner guidance and its knowings.

the deets

package of 5 sessions = $475

one individual session

= $125

we meet in person or skype

first session is 30min - it's free 

following sessions are 1hr and sold in packages of 5

For years I struggled so much it hurt. No matter what I did I felt as though I was a broken unfixable being bound by my own suffering.  But after these few months of sharing and learning from you I have unraveled all of that hardness and sorrow and opened my heart to my own self.  It is your magic, your healing intuition, that guided me through this and for that I will ALWAYS be grateful. - A.S.  

If you want to start listening to your body and stop treating yourself like sh*t, get in touch with Sus right, right now! Why are you still reading this? You should already be on the phone with her. - H.C.

Susanne's unique ability is to create a space conducive for learning and understanding, whether this be in a yoga studio, a sidewalk, or a dinner party.  She is a truly gifted teacher and mentor."

P. E.

We were all positively impacted in so many ways. You have such an amazing talent and we we're lucky to have had you share your gift with us! - S.S.

Susanne introduced concepts and perspectives in my relationship with food that has changed the way I eat and the way I feel about eating. It was very refreshing approach to be kind to ourselves, and trust in the fact that we instinctively know what is good for us. I felt it was a very flexible, individualized program that changed week to week and was modified to my emotions, mood, and life situation. I would highly recommend Susanne to anyone who would like to evaluate their relationship with food. Angela C


I now understand my relationship to food on a much deeper level and make conscious choices to nourish rather then numb myself. The care and effort Susanne puts into her work makes such a difference in ensuring you can make your health and self care a life long journey! Thank you! J.B.

With her warm energy, easy-going vibe, and dash of silliness, Susanne has the amazing ability to encourage self-acceptance while also inviting just the right amount of challenge to promote discovery and growth. That’s why I love her! 








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