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a one day retreat into the woods

being in nature has been one of the most reliable ways for me to stay sane in this complex world. i go to retreat, to get out of my head, to breathe, to have some space, and to feel calm and clear again.

it's ability to bring me back to myself never fails.

lately I have been feeling pulled to create a retreat in the forest with those who could also use a break from our own busy minds to find some clarity and direction. 

and so here we go - a one day retreat in the north van forest. i found a sweet spot in the trees beside a river for us to spend the day.

the formula is the same as almost everything i offer - lite yoga, simple meditation, the directions (N,E,S, W), journalling and nature. what more do we need? food! lunch and a snack will be taken care of thanks to Buddhafull who will be nourishing us with our nom for the day.

Date: TBD

Time: 9am-5pm

Cost - $105

Bring - journal, yoga mat, extra snacks, water