zoom yoga classes




starts june 8th

i'm taking a break from the 4 wk series to offer live classes in june. each class will start with a check in q where we all have a moment to connect w each other and then we roll on into yoga.


the style will be flow/power working towards a peak pose. there'll be optional homework for every class to integrate the theme into our lives.

wk1: remind - what have you learned

wk2: reconnect - what are you saying yes/no to

wk3: remember - where is your focus

wk4: release - what are you leaving behind


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cc link below (extra fee)


detangling from emotional eating

eating patterns are so often wrapped up in layers of control, confusion, willpower and misunderstandings. many people move through these patterns in secret while harbouring the feelings of shame, guilt and embarrassment.


i get it. i was there too. and over the last 15 years, i have committed much of my learning, time and growth towards uncovering what was going on with me and is going on in the world with so many others.

it's multifaceted, complex and layered yet some solutions are so, so simple.

and so in this series will be just about everything i now know from personal experience, combined with years studying our relationship to food/body as well as working with clients. 

we'll deep dive into concepts and always come out with practical tools and homework. 

we'll touch base with each other and connect via our challenges and growth.

and so the details:


a 6 week call series via zoom

plus 1x 1:1 45min session

PDF/homework each class

4x pre-recorded 20 - 30min yoga classes


those struggling with patterns of overeating, binge eating, emotional eating

limit to 5 people


wednesdays june 10 - july 15

10 - 11am


wk1: intro + approach

wk2: awareness /stress vs relaxed eating /archetypes

wk3: personal power/ nourishment / macronutrient balance

wk4: feelings + emotions / eating rhythm / food quality

wk5: body wisdom / pleasure / toxic beliefs

wk 6: closing + wrap up.

please contact me w any further questions.


+ 6x 1hr calls

+ 1x 45min 1:1 session

+ homework/PDFs

+ 4x 20 - 30min yoga classes

cost is $290

payment via:

e-transfer to


CC below (extra fee)


have any questions?

stay connected, or just say hello!