8 week online journaling practice

on your relationship with food + your body


April 7th - May 26


journaling is one of the most effective tools for both myself and my clients. it is a safe and personal place to touch base with ourselves, our experiences or our deeper questions.

through journaling, we create space to delve into it all and possibly allow answers to show up for our unique journey no matter the topic. 

this specific journaling practice is for those wanting to better understand or begin to mend their relationship with food and their body.


this is for you if:

you are caught in unwanted patterns of eating - emotionally eat, overeat, binge-eat or are on and off of diets.


you struggle with appreciating the shape of your body and how it feels to be in it.


you sense there is something else going on behind your eating/body struggles.

you would like to see changes in your relationship to food and your body


you are open to exploring you and this topic through writing.

you have been trying to fix/change/perfect yourself and your patterns but are now willing to delve inward for deeper exploration. 

you are either new to journaling and want to create a journaling practice, or you have been journaling for years and would appreciate the focus, reflection and questions. 

how this works:

you will receive a weekly email sent out on sunday mornings starting may 6th.

this email will contain a quote or poem from books i love that speak to our relationship with food/body.

you will receive 1-3 questions to reflect upon and journal about.

you can choose how much or little you want to write. it may be once that week or once every day. 

you also have the option of bringing one action piece into the week with you for deeper exploration.

the level of commitment is your choice and there is no right or wrong way to move through this.