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our body is resourceful, wise and intelligent. it is constantly guiding us towards balance, health and nourishment. it is on our side.​ if we want to see and experience change in our body and the way we eat, we need to listen to it.​ here you will find my approach to soothing your relationship to food and your body. 

the bckgrnd



holistic nutrition focuses on a comprehensive view of the individual through health history, emotional state, lifestyle habits and diet to help find the root cause of the individuals health problems.

in our sessions i ask lots of questions and listen closely for guidance and clues around food and lifestyle that can get overlooked but might be key in your healing/transformation.



dynamic eating psychology affirms that our relationship with food has important lessons to teach us. it recognizes that our challenges are intimately connected to other primary life dimensions.

in sessions this approach enables a view from every angle. we look at our body, its symptoms and our patterns as a teacher, guiding us towards our answers. together we listen closely for insight and direction.


yoga is an ancient practice that aims to join the mind, body and spirit. it is therapeutic for many conditions and can be very useful for healing particular food and body patterns.

in sessions we often pull from some of these practices as a way to reduce anxiety, bring clarity and gain deeper connection and respect towards the body. a imperative ingredient in my opinion for anyones journey to wholeness.

is this for me?

this is for you if you are looking for a calmer and more peaceful relationship to food and your body.


often people come to me after they have tried various diets, have ongoing and harmful patterns, feel like they've tried everything, and still find themselves stuck in their body.

many have anxiety and tension and tend to be in their heads trying to figure it all out. and almost always those i sit with are highly sensitive.

topics range anywhere from binge eating, overeating, weight, food anxiety, digestive imbalances, low energy, struggles with discipline and control.   

the approach

my role is to help you listen to your body, to recognize its intelligence, to hear what its calling for, and use that information to support you and your goals. 

you already know and have many of the answers. your body is already guiding you.


let's get to work.


body + clarity

mind + power

the direction of the sunrise, beginnings and fresh starts.


we always begin by getting clear. we bring awareness to where you are now and where you want to go.


we gather information on your symptoms, patterns and challenges, and we sketch a plan on how to move towards the direction of your goals and wellbeing.


the direction of fire, midday, facing our fears and stepping into power.


as we work together we inevitably come across fears and thoughts that may be holding you back.


we notice and work with them in order to access your power and strength. we come back to feeling empowered with food, our body and our choices.

emotions + self love

the direction of water, deepening into feelings and emotions, and accessing love 

98% of diets fail because they stem from self hate. our body responds far better when we listen, nurture and care for it.


here self-care is a priority. we become friends with ourselves again so we can move towards our goals a little more peacefully.

the direction of the night, listening and accessing deeper guidance.

we'll often access intuition and wisdom from your body. it sounds and feels much different than the 'should' voice in our head. 


we start to see that our body is always steering us towards nourishment and we begin to trust its guidance.

mind + power



spirit + intuition

the deets


we start with a chat and go over the basics of what you're looking for


if conversation went well, we ease into an initial session


if we're a match, we move into a 5 session package (about 10 weeks)


cost - free


cost - $165

5x1hr pkg

cost - $750

*if finances are tight, contact me and we'll make it work.

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