food + body

food + body

For years I struggled so much it hurt. No matter what I did I felt as though I was a broken unfixable being bound by my own suffering.  But after these few months of sharing and learning from you I have unraveled all of that hardness and sorrow and opened my heart to my own self.  It is your magic, your healing intuition, that guided me through this and for that I will ALWAYS be grateful. - A.S.  

If we are not clear on the root of our hunger, the way we eat, what we eat and how we see ourselves often manifest in undesirable ways. 


We might experience tension in our bodies, intense cravings for 'bad foods', and rigid diets to get us back on track. It is often accompanied by low self-esteem, fluctuating willpower, and a constant battle between body and mind. Binging, depriving, counting and calculating of calories, fat or servings - the list goes on.


We might direct our anger and frustration towards our body and punish ourselves with deprivation and harsh (often broken) promises. 


If we don't know how to feed our selves, we will never be satisfied with what we ate, how we feel, and who we are. 


It is time for a new approach.

It is time to relax into a way of eating that truly feeds you. It is time to feel at ease around food and within yourself. It is time to honour and nourish your recurring cravings.


Nobody can give you clearer and more personalized guidance than your own body and intuition.


It is waiting for you to surrender to yourself. 


It knows how to bring you back to balance, peace and ease.


It knows what you need to feel good within yourself. 


By feeding your self first, you begin to radiate and glow around you and into the world. Your body naturally begins to adjust its shape. The results you may have been previously searching for begin to naturally occur.


There are countless ways for you to feed your self and when

you do, your relationship with food will change. 

It is time to trust your choices and to trust yourself. To understand what you are actually hungry for so you can truly feed what is hungry inside. It is time to feel great about yourself inside and out. 


It is time for real, supportive, and lasting change.


"I now understand my relationship to food on a much deeper level and make conscious choices to nourish rather then numb myself" - J.B.

How we will work together


Start with a free and brief intro session.


We delve into how you want to look on the outside, feel on the inside, be around food, and the path we'll embark on to get there. 

If we think we'll get along just fine, we move on to Step 3.


We work together in one-hour sessions to connect you back to trusting your body, restoring its brilliant and natural vibrancy, listening to your inner wisdom, feeling restored on the inside and looking great on the outside.


This package is for you if you are ready to drop the diets, meal plans and battle with food. It is about self-care, trust, and connecting to the wisdom of your body.


In our sessions, Susanne was always open to my own suggestions to how I felt my body would react. She introduced concepts and perspectives in my relationship with food that has changed the way I eat and the way I feel about eating. It was very refreshing approach to be kind to ourselves, and trust in the fact that we instinctively know what is good for us. - A.C.

What is the Investment?


True and lasting change can take time. We work together through a five session commitment at minimum. 


The cost for a package of five one-hour sessions is $475.


The cost for one individual session is $125.


If you want to start listening to your body and stop treating yourself like sh*t, get in touch with Sus right, right now!

Why are you still reading this? You should already be on the phone with her. - H.C.

If you're up for this

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