NKD retreat

August 19 - 21, 2016

Salt Spring Island

life begins

at the end

of your

comfort zone

Thea is basically a gazelle. If you are ever wondering what she is up to, she's probably in school, workin the family goat cheese company or being wildly cool solo in nature somewhere.






Sus is even cooler. She also grew up on a farm and loves anything watery and tree-y. 

Getting real dirty, cooking food on a fire and wearing the same clothes everyday actually brings out the best in her. 

the story

We started going on weekend getaways every season. The weekends involved as much nature time as possible, very little agenda, and lots of spontaneity.


When we connected again with nature, we instantly became ourselves. We cant help it, it pulls out our real, true, unfiltered selves and we open up to the possiblity of what is around us. 


These adventures brought forth creativity, clarity and inspiration that we naturally brought back into our lives.


It was clear one night over a campfire that it was time to begin offering these adventures with others.

discover who you really are outside of your comfort zone

become empowered by releasing old patterns 

break free of what binds and limits your potential

develop a clearer 

connection and direction for your life

through this weekend of adventure and nature, you will:

This weekend is designed to reconnect you back to who you really are behind all the masks that we wear. 


Sus will inspire you to remember who you by connect you to inspiration through yoga classes.


Thea will take you on inner and outter adventures with nature, yourself and others.  

There will be space for you. Time with nature. Journaling. Connecting. Remembering, realizing, refreshing re everything. 


This will be a weekend of peeling back the layers - discovering the real, raw, authentic you. 


Nature will be our teacher, Thea and Sus will be your guide. 

August 19th - 21st, 2016 


the deets

Located at beautiful and rustic Salt Spring Island Goat Cheese Farm

2 days, 2 nights of getting real and light with nature and you. 

Package includes ferry pickup and drop off on Salt Spring Island

the detailed deets 

Total cost of retreat is $495

$100 non-refundable deposit required to reserve your space

Deposit required by June 1st 2016

Space is limited. Click the 'reserve now' button to hold your space.

NKD retreat can not hold space without deposit

Refunds can not be made on any deposits

Retreats paid in full will be refunded up to $250 if cancelation is made before July 31st, 2016. No refunds can be given after August 1st

In the event of emergency, reservations are transferable to another guest if retreat is paid in full. Please contact Sus and Thea directly @ 778 867 3216




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