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imagine a world

where every woman is

her natural self

Yoga Jump Free



5:30pm - Hatha - Sun Studio



5:45pm - Hatha - Sea Studio



7:15pm - Hatha - Sea Studio


Check out Semperviva Yoga

for studio info and schedule




I've been blessed to have known Susanne for three years, during which time she has never ceased to amaze me with her wisdom and integrity as a mentor, colleague, and friend.  I encourage you to attend one of her yoga classes, as she is an outstanding teacher!" P.E.

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feed your Self

Enough. Enough with the tension, the forcing, the on again off again diets. Enough with the low self esteem and constant battle within. Enough with the binging, the hunger, the counting and calculating. Enough with the anger towards your body and frustration with yourself. 


Enough with the feeling of never being satisfied with what you ate, how you feel, and who you are. It is time for a new approach.


It is time to relax into a way of eating that truly feeds you. It is time to feel at ease around food and within yourself. It is time to honour and nourish your recurring cravings.


It is possible to ease into a way of eating that is healthy, wholesome and free of control.


It is time to trust your choices and to trust yourself. To understand what you are actually hungry for so you can truly feed what is hungry inside. It is time to feel great about yourself inside and out. 


It is time for true and lasting change.


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 I now understand my relationship to food on a much deeper level and make conscious choices to nourish rather then numb myself. The care and effort Susanne puts into her work makes such a difference in ensuring you can make your health and self care a life long journey! Thank you! J.B.

How will we work together?



1. Start with 1 free intro session.

2. We delve right into how you want to look on the outside, feel on the inside and steps on how to get there.

If we think we'll get along just fine, we move on to Step 3.

3. True and lasting change can take time so I ask for a 6-month commitment at minimum. We work together beyond food to connect you back to trusting your body, restoring its brilliant and natural vibrancy, and feeling optimal inside and out. This package is for you if you are ready to drop the diets, meal plans and battle with food. It is about self-care, trust, and connecting to the wisdom of your body. Ready?!


yogi backbend new zealand

The True Cleanse

This is a gold-nugget of a cleanse. My yogi friend/ Naturopath and I created this and we are inlove with it. It will soothe your mind, body and soul and make you feel absolutely renewed. It's all about self love, baby. 

Check out for more info.


MAY 2015

Semperviva 40 Day Yoga Kickoff + Optional Juice Cleanse

Sat May 9th @ 3pm - City Studio

Glory Juice, Thara Vayali, ND and I will be brief

Register + more info HERE


Clean Body, Clear Mind.

I am reeeally excited about this.

4 weeks starting May 25th - June 15th. 

Yoga, meditation, journaling, discussion. Each week we remove one of 5 most harmful foods and nourish ourselves with good food & self care. 

Registration details coming.


June 2015

Feed Your Self 

Can't commit for the month? Here is a sweet pick-me-up workshop about nourishing ourselves on all levels.

Fri June 5th @ 7:30pm - KB Studio, Semperviva

Register + more info HERE


UBC Farmers Market Opening Day

Oh you bet well be there. The True Cleanse will be running our workshop. 

Sat June 13th @ 10am-12:30pm

Details HERE


Vancouver's First Urban Retreat

Sat June 13th - Details coming up. 



Super Fun things ahead

Let me break it down for ya:

There are 3 ways to work with me

1. Come to my yoga class 

2. Attend one of my workshops

3. Personal Nutrition Sessions

With her warm energy, easy-going vibe, and dash of silliness, Susanne has the amazing ability to encourage self-acceptance while also inviting just the right amount of challenge to promote discovery and growth. That’s why I love her! M.V.

about me yoga food


The first time I walked out of a yoga class, I realized that it was possible to feel calm and at ease.


My body finally found relief from the tension and anxiety that had been building up for years. I began to recognize that my unstable and very tense way of living, eating and being was not who I truly was or how I was destined to live. 


Fortunately I was introduced to yoga during a visit to Costa Rica. The freedom and space I experienced there encouraged me to extend that trip for a year. I did yoga every day.


Yoga opened doors for a way of living that I had completely forgotten was possible. As tension in my body softened, the tense layers of my superficial self also began to release. The many masks I had been wearing started to come off and I finally began to see glimpses of who I naturally was. 


My understanding of food and relationship with how I ate deepened. I noticed that as I became calm and deepened a love for myself, I didn't need lean on food to make me feel better. 


After years of bouncing around various cities and countries, I eventually landed in Vancouver. It filled my soul and instantly became home. 


I love feeling free, inspired and connected. Nothing beats a good laugh. I savour moments spent with my family and solid friends. I am inspired by people who are open, honest and totally themselves. I walk - everywhere. Creative projects light me up (thank you, Pinterest) and I need alone time daily preferably spent close to water or in the trees. 


I would not be where I am without my mentors, teachers, friends & family. Thank you all.


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