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Sugar: You are so Evil...


Ready for more?

  • In 1700, the average person consumed about 4lbs of sugar per year.

  • In 1800, it was 18lbs/year

  • In 1900, it was 90lbs/year

  • In 2009, more than 50% of all Americans consume one-half pound of sugar PER DAY = 180lbs/year.


So here's the thing. We all know refined sugar is bad for you. I used to think it was only bad for your teeth, that's what I learned in school. But if its so harmful for my teeth, how is it affecting the rest of the body. Lets get in touch at HOW or WHY we need to step away.

NUMBER 1 - Sugar Makes you Fat.

  • Its funny how that sentence is such an attention grabber. Sugar is full of empty calories. There's lots of them and they are not filling. Since they are not filling, we reach for more. Sugar depletes nutrients from your body making it even more difficult to lose weight.

NUMBER 2 - Sugar Promotes Inflammation

  • Whats the big deal with inflammation? Inflammation is a sign that the body is working to heal, its a good thing - it keep us alive. However its meant to be temporary - it does all those magical healing things and then goes back to normal. When inflammation leads to chronic inflammation, this can quickly lead to disease. Sugar can have a large impact on chronic inflammation.

NUMBER 3 - Sugar Suppresses the Immune System

  • The next time a mouth-watering chocolate bar so conveniently located beside the cash register practically begs you to buy it, take a moment, de-hypnotize. Your immune system is begging you! Consuming too much sugar suppresses immune system cells responsible for attacking bacteria. When these hard working immune cells are drugged, they are less than useful and we suffer as a result - making it much easier for us to get sick.

If you dont think you eat a lot of sugar. Read the ingredients of foods you are eating. Baked goods, sugar. Cereal, sugar. Fruit juice, sugar. Yogurt, sugar. Condiments, sugar. The list goes on. Do what you can to decrease this amount bit by bit. Bite for bite. Notice how you feel after you eat, how did you feel before? Sugar affects us in more ways than one. Notice how it affects you and begin to step away. See if you notice a difference.


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