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5 Reasons to Ease off the Caffeine

I used to drink coffee when I was in high school, I found it to be remarkably helpful in keeping my energy “fun” so I could be excitable like my friends.

Drinking coffee for these results seemed like a fairly reasonable decision as it gave me the ‘up’ I was looking for and a tool for being cool – which was, like, mandatory!

When I started to notice more how this quick fix was affecting me – the super highs and super lows, jittery, quicker heart beats, sweaty palms, increase in anxiety, and the fact that I didn’t really like the taste of the coffee from my parents drip machine in the first place, I decided to take it down a notch.

Now, I have taken note that coffee has significantly risen on the delicious factor in the past years. I admit my mouth is getting watery just looking at the pic above.... But guess what, coffee is not our friend and the set backs of drinking coffee have not improved. Maybe you don’t get jittery or have sweaty palms but I promise that in some way, your body is not benefiting from this.

Here's 5 reasons why its best to ixnay on the coffee-ay:

  • Coffee Triggers Inflammation – Inflammation has been continuously linked back to being the root of many harmful chronic illnesses. Say no to inflammation!

  • Coffee is no bueno for the bones – Coffee increases the amount of calcium we excrete in our urine. What do we need calcium for? Bone health! Our skeleton accounts for about 99% of the total calcium in our bodies. Lets bow our heads for a moment, “Bones, thank you for everything you do, for holding me together, for supporting me and for protecting me, I hope to have you around and healthy for a lot longer and so I will do my very best to support you”

  • Coffee Hurts our Adrenal Glands – Our poor adrenal glands these days. They are doing everything possible to keep us on the low end on the stress factor. But guess what – they can only do so much. And when we soak them them with coffee on top of everything they are already dealing with, at some point they are going to look at us and go – um ok, Im done! This is called adrenal fatigue or burn out and it's not on anyones wish list.

  • Coffee and Weight – Here’s a quick lesson, three words. Thyroid controls metabolism. This is very good when they are working as they should. As mentioned above, caffeine stresses out the adrenals and our thyroids work in tandem with them. We rely on healthy adrenals to keep the thyroid working properly. When the adrenals are happy, the thyroid is happy. When the thyroid is happy our metabolism is happy. When our metabolism is happy our bodies are happy. When our bodies are happy we are happy.

  • Coffee and Sleep – You would think that since coffee makes us more productive, energetic and alert, by the time night falls we are ready to rest like a bebe for the night. Nope. Research has found that people who consume 2-3 cups of coffee tend to have poor sleep quality.


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