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Authentic Appetite

If you are looking for a fantastic read on food, eating habits and our cravings read The Yoga of Eating. It is refreshing, honest, real and so supportive.

This book is about nurturing our appetites. This means whatever your body is asking for - listen to it, really allow yourself to feel the craving and then feed that craving in the way you understand it is asking.

This can be a scary concept. What if it seems all your body is asking for is chocolate, chips or another serving of dessert?

Too often, we turn against what our bodies are craving becuase we know that what it seems to be asking for isnt healthy. So we deny the subtle or stong voices and urges we feel. We learn that our bodies are something to struggle against rather than befriend.

The reason in doing this is for us to begin an honest relationship with our bodies. In order to really come to understand what it is truly asking for, we have to start with giving it what we honestly think it wants.

But the deeper we develop a relationship with the wisdom of our bodies, the deeper we understand true needs and desires. This is how we connect with our true authentic appetite.

Soon, through this process, we might start to see that the sweetness in the chocolate we reach for is actually a longing for sweetness in our life. Maybe the crunchiness in the chips are us crunching through troubles in life. What if the extra serving of mashed potatoes is a desire for softness and comfort in our relationship.

Take a moment, listen. Is the hunger you feel actual hunger. Maybe its a desire for a deeper breath. A moment of stillness. Or maybe its simply asking you to come back home.

If you would like to learn more - Jana Roy and I are doing a workshop @ Che Baba on Sunday July 15th. Join us!


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