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Bring Back Fun!

Think back to your breakfast this morning. (Or if you didnt have breakfast this morning, think about your morning.)

How much did you enjoy it? Scale it, 1 through 10. Would you give it an 8? a 2?

Its not that we have to spark out of bed, greet the chirping birds and put on our fun pants every morning. But an element of pleasure in a morning routine is critical to starting the day on the right foot. The more we experience pleasure from the simple things in life, the more we experience pleasure within our own lives.

Breakfast is one of those simple things that is so easy to make pleasureable.

When you look at your breakfast -whatever you decided to fill the cereal bowl with, or put in your smoothie, or pop in the toaster - how pleasureable does it look? Do you get a flavour of excitement for what you are about to eat? Do you enjoy the colours in the meal? Does it look pretty? Does your mouth water? Does it taste so delicious that you have to close your eyes and say ...MMMMMM!!

Bringing the fun back to eating is all about pure enjoyment. Its about enjoying every bite so much that you naturally want to slow down and taste it all. Fun comes back into our lives when we slow down and let it in. Fun wants to meet you at every moment, we just have to say yes to it. So say yes to a fun morning with a delicious breakfast!

What would it have taken for that meter to rise towards 10? What could you do to make your breakfast/morning just a little more enjoyable? Maybe its as simple as putting on your favorite song while chewing your oatmeal. Maybe its adding some fresh strawberries just because your favorite colour is red.

Start small and simple - just one tiny step that would bring a soft, sincere smile to your face is all you need. The feeling is well worth it and your body will agree!


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