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Don't Try. Just Do.

Welcome sun!

We have been slightly deprived of the sun here in Vancouver . And I am being generous with the word slightly. Our souls were yearning for it, badly.

And finally it has arrived. Ahh......suddenly this weekend work and email obligations didn’t so much and many of us found ourselves on patios, beaches and bbq's.

While savoring the sun, friends and I were lost in conversation about making the act of eating and relationship with food less rigid and more loving.

Basically what it came down to was a feeling that there is not enough time - to eat slowly, to prepare food, to relax after a meal, to be grateful. There are emails waiting, phone calls to make, and other things that our minds make more important. More important than nourishing ourselves?

Yes, consciously eating takes time.

But unconsciously eating wastes time.

So we decide to eat consciously. We TRY to eat slower, we TRY to be grateful, we TRY to let go of rigid control over food, we TRY to take a breath before eating.

Try defined: To attempt to do or accomplish.

What if we just stop trying and just start doing?

One sentence I remember from an Osho book my sister gave me. 'The sun doesn’t try to shine, the sun just shines.' What if the sun one morning said - Ooo...ya... I don’t know about today, I’m starting to get a little tired... yesterday was a long day....and the earth down there, is so demanding and ungrateful....well... Ill try to shine.....but....

Ants don’t try to work, they just work. Grass doesn’t try to go, it just grows. We don’t try to breathe, we just breathe.

So in the same way, don’t try to drink more water, just drink more water, don’t try to be grateful for food that’s on your plate, just be grateful, don't try to eat more veggies just eat more veggies.

Perhaps we can let go of the trying and just do. Maybe trying is a sign of being off-course with taking care of yourself. Taking out trying brings us one step closer to loving ourselves enough to just do what we already know feels good.

And when we feel good, life and eating naturally becomes less rigid and more loving.


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