Road Trip Food Tips

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It's so fun to get out the map (or not) and head somewhere into the unknown (or known). Wherever your road trip takes you, it is always beneficial to sustain yourself along the way with healthy snacks and options.

I try to be all casual, but in the food department my slight tendency to control and dominate often takes over. So when we decide to go away on a trip, for a drive - heck, sometimes it’s even a few blocks away, I make sure we will not go hungry along the way.

The truth with this is that I like to have good, healthy food within arms reach. Especially while on the road. So here are some tricks I have learned!

1 - Plan Ahead

How far are you going? Where are you going? Can you stop at a local farmers market along the way? Here are a couple sites to locate markets within your destination. Stock up on local fruits and veggies and support the farmer along the way.

2 - Notice your Hunger Factor

The easiest way to end up in the McDonalds drive thru - or convincing yourselves that it is time to treat yourself to an expensive meal - is by not noticing your hunger creeping up. Don’t let yourself get too hungry. Have some snacks with you to carry you through. You would be surprised how they can sustain you and lessen any cravings for fast food.

3 - Have Healthy Snacks Within Arms Reach

What are your favorite healthy snacks? Chances are they are travel friendly so the day before you leave set aside some time for prep and baking. It will be well worth it and I bet you will save a couple bucks along the way. Here are some ideas:

  • Nuts & Seeds - almonds, cashews, walnuts, sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

  • Cut up a ton of vegetables and put in a big container.

  • Hard boiled eggs

  • Smoothie - make one before you leave and you have an 11 o'clock power snack

  • Homemade trail mix or energy bars

  • Fruit - chop some up before you go or take dried fuit with you

4 - Hydrate with Agua

Have plenty of water on hand - fill a couple Sigg bottles and you are good to go. Water is a basic need and sipping on it will help to curb desires for sugary drinks or snacks.