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Seize the Moment…Like, Right Now

What is something that you have always wanted to do but never have. Pottery? Kite surf? Climb Mount Everest? It can be anything from journaling to eating healthier to getting your dream job.

So why haven’t you done it? Not enough money? Time? Resources? Motivation? Confidence?

It can be so easy to put our goals and dreams to the side for another day. I’ll go for a run tomorrow, I’ll find a pottery place later, I’ll start looking for a new job next week’.

As soon as we put the things we most want for ourselves to the side, we lose a little bit of ourselves. We make other things which may matter less, more important. We think our goals or dreams take a lot of time/money/motivation to do or master.

What we may forget is that these things we have always wanted to do/be/have may not be so far from our reach.

Seize the day - means take hold of this day. Maybe you can’t climb Mount Everest today but there are things you can do even in this moment. Research online, plan a weekend hike, buy some new gear, plan your itinerary as if you were going. Whatever you can do today that will help you to realize your vision is one step closer.

Perhaps losing weight seems as impossible as climbing Mount Everest. What can make the impossible seem possible just in this moment? Perhaps it’s going for a walk or researching a nutrition coach ;) Or maybe it’s a dream job you are after. Seizing this moment means just for a few seconds dream about the job you hope to have one day, rather than the one you have now.

Easy as 1,2,3....

1. Imagine one thing you truly want to do/be/have.

2. Right NOW what is one thing you can do to get closer to that.

3. Do it.

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