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Is Your Resolution Working for You?

It’s been a week since we raised our glasses to 2013 with high hopes for a fresh start.

After some time, whether its a few days or a few weeks, that new year's high often subtly fades away. Some of us may start falling back into the same patterns of who we were in 2012 (which only a week ago, by the way) that we intended on moving away from.

I figure the one week mark is a perfect time for a check in to re-assess what we have set out to do. Our resolutions or intentions are still fresh in our minds and we can relate with why we set them in the first place.

Take a sec or two to review what you hoped or planned for this year. Were you expecting all the changes for the year to happen the first week? Were they realistic when you set them? Are they actually causing you more stress than benefit? Have the old 2012 voices telling you that you can’t do it suddenly regained power?

Quite often if we set high expectations, something similar to the picture above happens. We just cant stand all the forcing anymore and the resolutions begin to control us. This is the complete opposite of the intention for intentions :)

The word ‘resolution’ can sound so permanent. As if we carved them in stone on January 1st and there is no turning back. Well stone writing phased out thousands of years ago and these days we can just hop on a computer or throw out a piece of paper and restart.

So if your resolution is already working against you, you don't have to wait another year – change it! Adjust it! Make it feel much better. Allow them to help, support and inspire you along your journey


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