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Food, Eating and Being Perfect

It is easy to get caught in the trap of perfecting ourselves through food.

We search for the perfect diet, the one super food, the best antioxidant and the combination of supplements that we hope will make us better, healthier, happier – more perfect.

In yoga we learn that there is no such thing as a perfect and finite pose. We are constantly in evolution. True perfection is an experience of being in the moment with a pose as it continues to evolve. It is a feeling – not a thought.

Just as there is no perfect pose in yoga, consider that there is no perfect way to eat in our daily life.

Perfecting our food to better ourselves is like fixing a problematic car with a shiny paint job when we really just need to look under the hood. If we truly want to be healthier and improve our diets - we need to go deeper.

We need to connect with why we eat the way we eat so we can better understand our eating choices and patterns.

I have noticed a direct co-relation with how I feel and how/what I eat. When I am sad, the reliable combo of almond butter, bananas and honey is absolutely appealing and so comforting. During periods of feeling dull or uninspired, my meals become my main focus with lots of colours and flavours in a subconscious attempt to enrich and enliven my life. When I am stressed, I finish eating before I realize I was even eating. However I have noticed that when all is well and I feel good, I tend to naturally choose healthier, simple foods that nourish and satisfy me on every level.

Could how we eat be a reflection of how we see ourselves and feel within ourselves? If we truly, madly, deeply loved ourselves, wouldn’t it make sense that we would only give our bodies nourishing whole foods?

If we acknowledged, accepted and loved every bit of ourselves, we wouldn’t think about eating a pastry for lunch, or grabbing a coffee and a muffin on the way to work or skipping meals in attempt to lose weight.

Trust that our bodies are incredibly wise.

If you have been caught in the trap of using food to perfect yourself, go deeper.

Connect with the root of the manifestation and work with bringing more love, peace and trust inside. Through this, I believe we dont need to spend exhausting amounts of energy and brain power to be perfect.

Instead we will see that we already are perfection and from that place we naturally chose the foods and eat in ways that nourish who we are.


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