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Move With Nature's Pace

February Already!

I have noticed the sun is starting to reveal itself a little earlier and hangs out a little later everyday. Just long enough to offer a sliver of hope that we are getting closer towards spring and dare I say it, summer. The changing of seasons and daylight happens so slowly and gradually that it suddenly just creeps up on us. One day we will look around and realize the winter is far behind.

There is always something we can learn from the pace that Mother Natures moves. She transitions slowly through the seasons but very deliberately. She seems to know where she is going but doesn't rush to get there. She doesn't favor the summer to the winter, spring to the fall and spends as much time as is required until it is time to transition to the next stage. She is ever changing, always in the moment and never looks back.

Where am I going with this? When we integrate our goals with with the pace of life, it pays off. Think about health goals you may have - whether its to lose weight, get healthier skin, or balance overeating. What is the pace you are taking to get there? Are you in the middle of winter and trying to jump into the heat of the summer through rigid, structured diets and exercise regimes? That can often leave us feeling tired, frustrated or defeated. Or are you stuck in the spring unable to make the step to the next season. Sometimes we have to be in the season we are in for it to pass.

Try moving as mother nature does. Go slowly but deliberately. Patiently ask yourself - 'will this action bring me closer to or further from my health goals?' Are you clear on where you want to go? How often do you look back? Do you favour any season than the one you are in right now, or can you be with yourself the same within them all? By being in this moment of where you are right now, that is what helps you move towards where you truly want to be.

As for now, it is still February. We cant rush the sun or entice the leaves to grow. But we can appreciate the uniqueness of this month and let Mother Nature herself unfold the promising clues of whats ahead.


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