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Best Chocolate Mousse Recipe. Ever. In all of Mankind.

I remember the first time I ate this. Yes, I remember it well. It was a cold October evening, Halloween night, back in '09. We were dressed in costume and visiting the tiniest apartment I had ever been to. She was also my tiniest friend so I guess it made sense....

She brought out dessert so we grabbed a spoon and dug in.

I had no idea what the ingredients were and frankly didn’t care. I knew my friend was vegan and recently into trying fun and new recipes so I trusted her. It was the fluffiest, tastiest, densest chocolate mousse that ever touched my lips. We probably fist fought for the last bite.

Then my friend said, "just GUESS what is in here". She caught our attention and got us thinking....'Black beans' I said super cocky and certain I was right.

"Mostly avocados", she said. We gasped and my ego surrendered.

You know how you can feel like crap after eating crap? Well since this chocolate mousse isn't made of crap, you feel great! Happy all around! Another round of drinks! On him! Weeee!


Put the following in your food processor:

Blend until creamy.

This famous dessert now frequents our gatherings regularly. We usually put it in the middle of the circle, grab a spoon and just go for it. It ususally turns into a scene from May the Fastest Eater Win or Survival of the Fittest. We have also gone totally outtacontrol-whathasgottenintous-crazy and layered this with fried bananas, coconut ice cream, strawberries and we all honestly just about died of happiness. We only did that once.


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