Jacked on Juice

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My first juicer was a $30 Craigslist bargain. I used it daily and it lasted about 4 months. I learned a lot in that time - that juicer and I became tight. Our bond was unbreakable. We did everything together, we juiced.... actually thats all we did. But I will never forget those days.

I had a friend whose dog died once. She got almost the exact same dog two days later. Everyone was like, oh thats not a good idea, it's not replaceable, she needs to mourn. But I was like, girl do whatever you want.

So when my juicer broke I decided to get a new one. Everyone was like, oh thats not a good idea, you need to mourn, that juicer was you best friend. I said, I'll do whatever I want. Just like my friend, happiness returned and I never looked back.

Craigslist is a great place to get juicers if you are on a budget. Patience and persistence always pays off on craigslist and I found a champion juicer, barely used, for a bargain. Sam thinks its a bit of an eyesore and he's not always fond of the flavours that come out of it, but secretly I know his body is like: oh ya give me more!

Juicing is an art. But lucky you Im going to break it all down for you. This is going to save you blood, sweat and years of figuring it out on your own.



  • You get all the nutrients you need and more quickly and easily.

  • Don't particularly like veggies but need the nutrients? Juice 'em!

  • High nutrient and mineral content.

  • You make it so you know its fresh (not bottled in a store)

  • ITS FUN!!!!

  • Cleansing and detoxifying.

  • Helps maintain a healthy bod inside and out.

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From my experience it is well worth investing in a good juicer. What are the different ones?

Manual Juicers - Um... dont even bother

Centrifugal Juicer - Most available and most affordable. Not the best b/c a lot of the nutrients get harmed during the process and it produces more waste than the others.

Masticating Juicer - High juice yield and little pulp. The juice doesnt get warm and there is no froth. All good things. Many of the nutrients here are preserved and contained in the juice.