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Intuition + Food

Intuition is so cool. We all have it, its constantly speaking to us, it knows more than we think it does, it sees things from a different perspective and always has our best interest at heart. It knows even the details of what your body wants to eat and what it wants to leave.

With every question we have, it has an answer. With every problem we face, it has a solution. When we hit a crossroad in life, it knows the way. When the carpet gets pulled from underneath us, it is there to catch us and when we don’t know what we should or shouldn’t eat, it is guiding us.

So you might be thinking: ‘Riiiiight. Um, so where is mine? I don’t think its helping me/I don’t think I have one’. The question is, how open are you to it? How often do you acknowledge it? How clearly and sincerely do you listen to it?

If your intuition was your best friend, how do you think she would feel? You expect answers but don’t ask questions, you take her everywhere but don’t acknowledge her. She’s always guiding us but we don’t listen. If she doesn't help us right away, we throw up our arms and say, 'forget this.'

When we surrender to our intuition and let her lead the way, we begin to see life from new angles and perspectives. It offers us a bit of relief; we don’t always have to be in charge and in control of what to eat and not eat, we have an internal guide that is already showing us the way.

If you want your intuition to guide you to healthier food options, become a good friend to her again. Spend time alone so she can come forward, ask questions out loud and give her time to a

nswer, stand in the grocery store and ask her to guide you to the food your body needs.

Go with any impulse, feeling, gut reaction. When you are preparing your food, ask her to step forward. When you are about to eat, breathe and ask for guidance on when to eat and when to stop.

Let go of your thinking. Breathe into your body and practice, practice, practice. Listen, listen, listen.

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