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Feng Shui Your Pantry

Feng Shui has interested me enough to pick up a couple books or read a few articles. I like the idea of it - that I can move some things around in my home and the vibe and flow of the place changes.

When I was single and wanting to be in a relationship, it was suggested to get an extra bedside table, to keep it empty and 'prepare the space' for someone else. So I gave it a shot and now I'm married. Coincidence? I think not!

Who knows. But there is one thing that is of major importance in my life and that is to have an organized kitchen pantry. It makes or breaks my mood when I look at it. If it's disorganized, I feel disorganized, if it's organized I feel organized. It's that simple.

This weekend I just couldn't take it any longer. The sun was begging me to go outside but the pantry was leaning towards severe depression. I couldn't let it get any worse. So I rolled up my sleeves and got to work.

In my vague memory of Feng Shui, clearing clutter is very, very important. That along with good airflow and lighting. We are going to talk clutter today.

So. You want a pretty pantry? Here's what you need:

A kitchen with shelves of some sort.

Just stating the obvious. Whether yours is big, small, or behind cupboards doesn't matter. Clear out whatever kitchen space you are going to use. Wipe it down, make it really inviting for your new look.

A lot of empty jars

I have accumulated a lot of mason jars over the years and have become really anal about using just them. It's a bit over the top. But before things got this outta hand, I used whatever jar I had, peeled off the sticker/paper and filled it up. Peeling off the sticker is incredibly important in my opinion. It gives the pantry that glassy and classy look.

Bulk Foods

Shop in the bulk section. It's cheaper, first of all, it's more environmentally friendly, second of all, but most importantly it's the best purchasing option for your pantry. Oatmeal, rice, flour, dates, dried beans, quinoa. It's worth venturing down the bulk isle to have a look. Most things are jar-able.

An anal personality

This is key. To honestly commit to a beautiful looking pantry, I actually think you need to have at least a small percentage of perfectionism in your blood. You have to like to put things from plastic bags into jars, get a little kick out of organizing and be able to take a step back and think, 'well that was a job well done..' no matter how much time it took.

And all you anal people will love this ...sometimes I get out the label maker and label-make everything!!!

If you do this, send me pics!! I wanna see.


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