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It's Snunch Time

I am back to introduce to you newest meal of the day - SNUNCH. It's a mix of snack and lunch. But you can have it anytime of the day really. It is perfect for those moments where you are not hungry enough for a full-on meal but more hungry than a little snack. When you are eating by yourself or with a group of four or more.

Spellcheck doesn't seem to like the word Snunch. But I'm definitely adding it to my daily vocabulary and so should you.

Who doesn't love a good smorgasbord? (BTW anyone else know thats actually a Swedish word? I didn't but now we all know.) It is one of the best ways to eat - a little o' this a little o' that and you have yourself a party in your mouth in no time.

In Spain, my sis, her friend and I would journey to the market for almost every meal or snack, get the most delicious looking things including chocolate and the cheapest bottle of wine, sit somewhere pretty and enjoy our feast. It was THE BEST. So delicious and so exciting. Each spread would be unique but always amazing.

Total side note story - feel free to skip it but - I grew up in a family of five kids and even though we always had more than enough food on the table, we all seemed rush to eat the most amount of food in the least amount of time to get our share before anyone else would. When we were lucky enough to get a bag of chips, they were inhaled by the five of us in mere seconds.

So in Spain when the three of us sat down to eat, her friend had to hold us back from inhaling our bountiful array of beauty. Her words were probably closer to "Holy s*$t, girls, could you slow the f@*$k down?" But we got her point. She reminded us to savour rather than 'get the good stuff before anyone else does'.

SO! How do you make it? Easy. So so easy. Most things in your fridge can contribute beautifully. My fav things are usually a type of proscuitto, some olives, a cheese of some sort, veggies, a dip - hummus or guac, some crackers or fresh bread, hard boiled eggs, salmon pate, this list could go on. But you don't even have to take it that far, sometimes the most simple platters are the most enjoyable.

It is crucial to make the set up look pretty in some way. Even if it is just for yourself. Especially if it is just for yourself. Put on some good music, light a candle, dim the lights, and savour. every. bite.


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