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Kale Salad with Goddess Dressing

So go on and give this a go. Tell me you don't love kale now! K, I know I have to post that delicious raw chocolate birthday cake I made for myself this weekend. But something in me wants to post this first, so I'm going with it.

I've really been into kale lately. Like a lot of kale. When Whole Foods has kale on sale - 2 bunches for 5 bucks - my heart skips a beat. I'm all over it.

I think you too should have a love affair with kale. If it hasn't started already, I'll help you out with a recipe you can't resist. It makes me feel really good and I think it will do the same for you. But you know your body best, I can't tell you what's best for you (even though I can't imagine your body not loving this.)

Anyways my beauty friend, Jenafor, reminded me of this delicious and simple kale salad. It is a hit at every potluck amongst our healthy yogi buds who go nuts for things like leafy greens. I have been eating this a lot and can't get enough. I don't think she'll mind if I share the recipe...Jen? Do you mind? No? Ok.

So here it is.

  • Get some kale (preferably organic and on sale)

  • Wash them

  • Cut off the stems and throw them out

  • Rip up the leafy greens and put them in a bowl

  • Now sprinkle a little salt on them and start scrunching the leaves

  • What that means is - with your hands, grab a bunch in each hand, scrunch them and let them go. I'm sure there is a better word than scrunch or a better way of explaining how to do that but I'll stick with scrunch.

  • Repeat that for a few minutes

  • Eventually, the salad will soften, or wilt slightly

  • All of this not only makes it more enjoyable to eat, but it also activates all the enzymes and nutrients in the kale (and there are a lot of them) for better digestion and absorption.

Next step: The Dressing

I made this look all pretty in this picture so just follow the recipe.

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