Make a Matcha Mask

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If you guys like fun, easy and kinda weird things like I do,

you'll be all over this.

I was cleaning out our pantry (nesting is officially in full force)

and came across some Matcha powder left over from a

breakfast gathering months ago. Actually longer, probably

a year.

I love enjoying a well made Matcha Latte, but they have

a way with me that I'm not too fond of. I don't seem to get

that "sustained, calm alertness" that many websites claim

Matcha offers. Instead I get that fast paced, heart pumping,

full-on adrenaline, IdontknowwhyImtalkingthisfast kind

of alertness.

So I googled what to do with it. And this is what I found.

Game on! It met all of my requirements - fast, easy, fun

and I had all the ingredients ready to roll.

There is a little thing we say in the holistic heath world, if you

wouldn't eat it, don't put it on your skin. Your skin absorbs

everything!! Which means all the chemicals in many lotions and

beauty products you use on a daily basis are all seeping through

your pores and getting into your body. No bueno.

The benefits of this mask is pretty sweet too.

First of all, it feels AMAZING when you put it on, the consistency

is like smooth clay. It has an incredibly cool and soothing feeling.

I swear as I began to put it on, I could hear my face calling for

more. And even as it starts to dry, it doesn't feel all hard and

cake-y as some masks do.

Matcha has this super deep green colour that contains tons

of chlorophyll and is known to be great for detoxifying.

It also scores really high in antioxidants which help fight bacteria

and infections. You could use it for better complexion, anti-zit