Raw Chocolate Banana Pie & Reflexology

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 8.50.10 AM.png

Another weekend behind and no babe. Apparently there are things

you can do to speed along the process - squats, spicy foods,

acupuncture, reflexology, the list goes on. I am a little hesitant to

speed things along because in truth, I am soaking up these 'calm

before the storm' moments/days.

Yesterday, however, Sam and I went for reflexology.

I had been once before but Sam was not sure what to expect. He

happened to get a pretty aggressive dude who pressed relentlessly

on his tender spots. Sam's ego was crumbling right before my eyes,

it was entertaining to watch as I soaked up my gentle foot massage.

Reflexology is really cool, people. Check out this chart below.

It can be insightful to learn what parts of your body are out of balance.

And if you already know, you will definitely know by how tender these

points are in your feet. Pressing on these points can also support your

body in healing specific areas.

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 8.49.02 AM.png

Apparently, the more you do it, the better health you will be.

Sure, I am gullible and am also aware that businesses thrive

off that statement, but I totally believe it. 100%.

Does anyone else think it's weird that I'm writing about feet

and pie in the same blog

This recipe, I made up on my own. Yup, all by myself! Somebody,

give me a sticker shaped as a star. Ok truthfully, it has been adapted from

about 10 recipes I googled. Does that still get the sticker?