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My Interview with Turmeric

It seems that every whole food gets to have its turn in the limelight. The attention usually begins to shift around the time that we start to get bored - chia seeds, hemp hearts, coconut water, coconut oil, they have all had their turn.

Turmeric - step forward please.

I received a very rare opportunity to sit down with turmeric and was able to ask a few, more personal, questions.

SM - Hi, thank you for joining us today, Turmeric.

T - Yo yo yo, its great to be here. Thanks for havin' me, I mean, dude its totally my turn to shine y'know?

SM - Indeed, T, it is. You are so hot right now.

So tell me, what is your claim to fame? Why all the hype?

T - Check it, S. There are many things that are amazing about me. First, lets look at my radiant colour.

SM - Yes you are stunning, a glowing orange would you say?

T - Like the african sun.

SM - Hahah yes. Anything else?

T - I've got time for five more, you cool with that? I've got to make the most of my fame while it lasts.

SM - [nods]

T - Alright. Listen closely. If you have tummy problems, like what you are eating ain't mixin' well down below, you come to me, alright? I'm a gonna get in there and set things straight.

SM - I think you are referring to indigestion?

T - Mmmhmmm. Moving on. I am off the charts amazing at decreasing inflammation and joint pain. You got a prob with arthritis? Give me a holla, eat me regularly, and I make you better.

SM - Well that is truly miraculous.

T - Yes, I am. Let me continue.

SM - [nods]

T - I am killin' it on the diabetes train by moderating insulin levels. You got blood-sugar imbalance? BAM - you come and see me! Two more.

T - Three words - anti fungal, anti bacterial and anti vital. Your immune system is basically on steroids when you bring me into the mix. Pow pow pow! Together we take the bad guys down.

T - And let me tell you, these days? You want me on your team in preventing various types of cancer. And thats all I'm gonna say about that.

SM - Wow, T, you are invincible.

T - And I taste pretty damn good too. You gotta add me to to mix more often and I'll spice you up.

SM - Oh! [blushes] Well. I am afraid we have run out of time.

Thank you for joining us and for all the work you do. Enjoy your fame.

T - Later [Puts on his sunglasses and give the peace sign]

Well, there you have it folks, I just wish we had more time. Keep your eyes peeled for a recipe with turmeric coming soon.

UPDATE: Here is a Turmeric Latte recipe/video.

Here is the recipe

Turmeric Latte

(caffeine free, baby)

2 cups your choice of milk

1 tsp each of of turmeric powder, cinnamon, coconut oil, honey, grated ginger

Dash of pepper

Cook over medium heat for 10 minutes

Pour into blender and blend for 10 seconds

Pour into your favourite mug and drinky drinky

See video below to watch me make it.

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