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2 Ingredient No Flour Pancakes

Wait. What?

Pancakes with only two ingredients? And no flour?

That's right.

The thing with pancakes is that even if they are gluten free, they often still leave you feeling a little lethargic no matter how many you eat. Even after a good night's rest you're still craving a nap after breakfast.

These pancakes probably, most likely, will not give you that feeling. You'll feel like a star after Saturday AM brunch ready to take on the world. Or perhaps just the morning.

Why? There are no grains in these guys - only eggs and banana. Say what? Only eggs and banana. Say who? Have a look:

You gotta try these. They are so easy. Next time I'm going to add cacao powder and peanut butter and turn these guys into Chocolate PB Banana Pancakes. Oh yes I am.

Here is the recipe for 2 people.

2 Really Ripe Bananas

4 Eggs Mash the bananas. In another bowl mix the eggs. Combine the two together and mix thoroughly. Then fry like regular pancakes. They are even better when you fry them in coconut oil. These are fun to make into mini pancakes, so only put like a Loonie-sized dallop onto the hot pan. When they bubble, flip em.

We actually had these for dinner one night. Why not, right? I added avocados, some yogurt and peanut butter on the side and they were deeeeeeeelicious.


Here's my video on how to make them:

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