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Goodbye Kits

I arrived to Kitsilano 7 years ago. I came alone with a car full of everything I owned - no job, no place to live, no friends and only one acquaintance.

I left everything that just wasn't working behind in Ontario - my relationship, my job, my apartment. Or, I guess in truth, some of those things had already left me.

I felt broken, lost and desperately searching for MY home. A place where I felt like I fit. Although I tried, I didn’t fit in Toronto, although I loved my travels I didn’t fit being The Wandering Traveller, I didn’t feel fulfilled in my serving jobs. I didn't fit in the path towards 'success'.

I just couldn’t seem to carve a path that felt right for me.

And I get it, we are never 'broken', but during that time I felt incredibly broken. Just about as lonely and scared as I had ever felt. I was disconnected from my body, ate all the foods that made me feel worse and cried basically all the time.

But Vancouver called me.

I remember the morning I left Calgary. I felt the flutter of anxiety and excitement. It felt as if I was about to jump into a mosh pit blind of the many hands waiting to help me fly, but hoping they were there.

They were.

A call from my acquaintance with an offer of a room and loving parents for a couple weeks; later a call from my 'fingers crossed I get that apartment' new roommate; a city full of all the things I love - endless nature, yoga and heath food stores. A walk to the beach and everywhere else. No icy winters was a bonus.

I exhaled. For the first time in a long time something was feeling very, very right.

Perhaps my biggest blessing at that time was getting a part time front desk job at Semperviva. Although, I huffed at it initially, it became a place of deep growth, healing and learning for me. I worked my way to management, collecting real friends, belly laughs, genuine conversations, along with hours and hours (and hours) of yoga.

I was letting go of who I thought I should be and was finally coming back to my self.

After going to The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, I realized a path really was being carved for me that actually felt good. I loved what I was learning.

And so here in Kits my work progressed. I started teaching more regularly and taking on new clients. I still feel like an absolute beginner but thanks to my mentors, I learned the power of truly working, teaching and living from your heart.

Grounded yogis like Carolyn Ann Budgell as well as powerful coaches (Karin Title) and inspiring souls (Kiley Redhead) profoundly reminded me of what I was capable of.

I met my loyal (and quirky;) kiwi husband, Sam, at Greek Days 6 years ago. It was him who challenged my own fears about marriage and kids and showed me that there IS life after those commitments!

Kits was the longest I have chosen to live in one place. It took me in and opened me up. It gave me the opportunities, space and people for me to FINALLY settle into who I am. There is more to learn, more to grow, and more to discover. But I know that my time here is done.

And so. I am writing this sitting on a yoga mat in our small apartment. Surrounded by boxes, empty space and a list of things to pack. But my baby is sleeping and I thought it was a good time to say goodbye.

You might laugh because I am moving to North Vancouver (across the bridge haha!) Not far at all. But not Kits. I am looking forward to more quiet, more space, more trees and rivers. I am looking forward to our veggie garden, family focus and deeper roots. I am so curious and excited about what this next chapter will unfold.

So goodbye, Kits, I will forever be grateful for what you have brought into my life.

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