A Stand for Sensitivity

Give me a moment while I stand up for Sensitivity.

I feel she is misinterpreted and misunderstood.

She doesn't get the airtime she needs. And when she does, she is often criticized and unwanted.

We label ourselves or others as being 'too sensitive'. It is often addressed as a negative attribute. A sign of weakness. Prey.

I want to argue that we are all sensitive. Some of us are more internally affected by the circumstances around us. Some of us have been able to block her voice more than others.

Sensitivity offers many emotions and feelings. Contentment, joy, happiness. But she also offers the often undesired feelings of rage, jealousy, hurt, sadness.

Usually it is not the right time for her to show up. We might be dressed in fitted skirts and heels on a call with a client only two hours into the work day. Not a good time for a cry.

But she can't help it, it's her job to show us what she is noticing in the moment.

To cope in a world that appears to lack sensitivity, we try to cover her up. 'It doesn’t look like anyone else is feeling this way - there must be something wrong with me.'

And so we harden around feelings inside our bodies and mask them with a demeanour that suggests everything is ok.

As we continue to push away the bubbling emotions that keep trying to surface, we also begin to disconnect from what makes us genuinely happy. It is next to impossible to only feel and radiate the life-is-amazing-everything-is-great vibes that appear on our feeds.

Sensitivity is deep. If we disconnect from that depth within ourselves, we can lose our ground of what is true to us.

I have seen and definitely experienced continued suppressed emotions turn into a feeling of numbness to the world, depression, disordered eating, self hate, and low confidence. We develop a lack of direction and clarity in our future or path in life.

We are not supposed to cry when it is all our bodies want to do. We are not supposed to feel hurt when someone give 'constructive criticism'. We think that if we keep swallowing that lump in our throat, it'll go away. (Toughen up, dammit!)

So we fill the gap with ice cream and Netflix to distract and numb ourselves from it all a little more.

Sensitivity is powerful and useful. It offers us the power of knowing in our gut when something feels very right. Or very wrong. It reminds us of what we want for ourselves (jealousy) and when we need new perspective (fear). It lets u