2 Ingredient Sweet Potato Pancakes

Hazel and I went with my husband on a work trip in Iskut. I'm pretty proud of my pictures so first you gotta look at them and then we'll move on to the recipe. K?

We are staying at a place called Tatogga Lake Resort, six hours north of Terrace, BC.

I love what the word 'resort' can get away with. But it is sweet - classic Canadiana. The real deal. Taxidermy, log cabins, creaky floors, antlers. (A lot of antlers). And the restaurant offers one meal for dinner.

It really is a 'take it or leave it' kinda place. And when the next stop is at least 150 K's away, I'd assume most people take it.

God though, it is so refreshing to be surrounded by trees, rivers, mountains and a big cold lake. Even the threat of grizzlys and wolves add that wild and adventerous 'I'm not in Kansas anymore' feel.

The simplicity and crispness of it all is such a cure for thinking too much and other such disorders I seem to suffer from. Its amazing how nature can just clear confused brains.