Reese's Pieces, but Better

I'm a SUCKER for chocolate.

I think it partially has to do with my Swiss heritage and my moms glorious stacks of swiss chocolate bars in various cupboards.

Whenever relatives came to visit, we'd get lots of them. Toblerone, Lindt, Cailler and my personal favourite, Schoggi Stängli. Seriously there was nothing better than waiting for our fresh-off-the-plane visitors to open their suitcases.

I mean, other than seeing them, of course...

Oh. Also. I'm a SUCKER for peanut butter. It might be a problem.

Theres no swiss connection to that, just pure love for its pure goodness, especially with chocolate.

So what happens when you mix those two together?


While I did take these pics (so pro, no?) this is recipe is a mishmash from numerous other recipes I've been playing with over the years.

So why is this recipe better than regular Reese's? Ingredients. And taste.

Below is the ingredient list for the original ones: