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Super Simple Meal Planner

Oh hi everyone.

It's been a while.

I'm just gonna break this awkward moment by getting right to it.

So back in tha single days I was big on picking up whatever I needed for my meals that day. I knew Id walk past a grocery store at some stage and just grab whatever spoke to me.

I really loved just making whatever I felt like it. It was freedom. I honestly would cringe at the meal plans on my mom-friends refrigerators. It felt like prison, tied down on Thursday to whatever I said I was going to make on Sunday. Boring, right?

But now I get it. I've got more people in tow and less time in a way.

So while I resisted meal planning forever, It has now been a total game changer for me. I'm now that mom. Haha, Im totally that mom. I feel way more organized, spend less on groceries and am loads more resourceful with what I got. Yay for moms!

Rather than scrambling in the evenings staring blankly at my fridge wondering "what should I make tonight" I'm like Betty Crocker in the kitchen cocky as a mofo when I put the spread on the table.

To break it down, this is how my life has changed.

- save money on groceries (like a lot, actually)

- almost nothing goes bad in the fridge (we use it all up during the week)

- I shop once a week (most veggies bought on Mon still taste good on Sat, people)

- I always know there is a plan, even if I don't follow it to the T, I got options

- No last min, "what should I make" or "I need to go to the shop"

- feel like Betty Crocker

- I've discovered so many new recipes and meals I never would have made last minute

So you want in on this? Ya you do.

Im just figuring out how to attach this doc, which it seems like I can't. But if you click on blog at the top you'll see this Excel link right beside this post, so you can click on that. Or just email me and Ill send it to you.

I tend to only plan for dinners and snacks since breakfast and lunch is usually not an issue for us. But at first I did use it for breakfasts. I also don't plan for weekends and just use whatever is leftover in the fridge.

I tend do meal plan on Sunday evenings or Monday mornings. I get out there with my sassy grocery list and Im seriously good to go for the week.

If there's anything the doesn't make sense to you, let me know. This is meant to simplify and support your grocery and mealtime lives. The first couple of weeks it took me a while to get into the rhythm of finding the right meals etc but now it probably takes me about 20-30min.

Let me know how it goes, k?


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