Super Simple Meal Planner

Oh hi everyone.

It's been a while.

I'm just gonna break this awkward moment by getting right to it.

So back in tha single days I was big on picking up whatever I needed for my meals that day. I knew Id walk past a grocery store at some stage and just grab whatever spoke to me.

I really loved just making whatever I felt like it. It was freedom. I honestly would cringe at the meal plans on my mom-friends refrigerators. It felt like prison, tied down on Thursday to whatever I said I was going to make on Sunday. Boring, right?

But now I get it. I've got more people in tow and less time in a way.

So while I resisted meal planning forever, It has now been a total game changer for me. I'm now that mom. Haha, Im totally that mom. I feel way more organized, spend less on groceries and am loads more resourceful with what I got. Yay for moms!

Rather than scrambling in the evenings staring blankly at my fridge wondering "what should I make tonight" I'm like Betty Crocker in the kitchen cocky as a mofo when I put the spread on the table.

To break it down, this is how my life has changed.

- save money on groceries (like a lot, actually)

- almost nothing goes bad in the fridge (we use it all up during the week)

- I shop once a week (most veggies bought on Mon still taste good on Sat, people)

- I a