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for a more peaceful connection to food + body 

eating patterns are so often wrapped up in layers of control, confusion, willpower and misunderstandings. many people move through these patterns in secret while harbouring the feelings of shame, guilt and embarrassment.


i get it. i was there too. and over the last fifteen years, i have committed much of my learning, time and growth towards uncovering what was going on with me and is going on in the world with so many others.

it's multifaceted, complex and layered yet some solutions are so simple.

in this series we focus on becoming aware of the root of our patters, learning how to listen to and befriend our body how to access calm inside ourselves so we can feel confident in our choices with emphasis on creating lasting and sustainable changes.

we'll deep dive into concepts and always come out with practical tools and homework. 

we'll touch base with each other and connect via our challenges and growth.

and so the details:


 + 6x call series via zoom

 + 1x 1:1 45min session

 + homework each class

 + 3x pre-recorded 30min yoga classes


for people struggling with their relationship to food and their body.

limit to 5 people


tues mar 28 - tues may 2

live calls - tues 10 - 11am


wk1: intro / perspective / another way

wk2: awareness /stress vs relaxed eating /archetypes

wk3: personal power/ nourishment / macronutrient balance

wk4: feelings + emotions / eating rhythm / food quality

wk5: body wisdom / pleasure / toxic beliefs

wk 6: closing + wrap up.

please contact me w any further questions.


+ 6x 1hr calls

+ 1x 45min 1:1 session

+ homework

+ 4x 20 - 30min yoga classes

+ $450


"After years of struggling with emotional eating and binging and trying many things to shift my eating patterns, this is the first class that has put me on a path that I feel can lead to real change.


The changes I’ve experienced just over 6 weeks have been small but amazing and I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to start to change their relationship to their body and to food." C.B.


"Thank you for sharing your journey and wisdom! The series has been tremendous helpful for me, because it was grounded in your personal work and insight.


Not only has this helped normalizing my experience, the knowledge and practice shared in this series were also exactly what I needed and made a substantial difference in my experience to food. I am so thankful to have joined this series." S.C.

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