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Tips for Better Digestion

It has been said that the digestive system is the root of all health.

It is where you get nutrition for every cell in your body. If it is irritated, inflamed or constipated, the functions within the body suffers. As a result, you may experience undesirable symptoms and diseases.

These symptoms can range from heartburn, bad breath, constipation, diarrhea, skin problems, and allergies all the way to many chronic diseases. The list of all the symptoms is quite long and depressing but I would like to go so far as saying that everyone’s digestive system could benefit from making a few changes in the way you eat.

Not sure where to start - here's a boost:

Chew Your Food

Our mouth is the first stage of the digestive process. When food is swallowed after only a few short chews, those food particles are harder for the body to digest. Ideally we should be chewing each bite at least 30 times. That is a lot more than the typical ‘4 chews and swallow’ routine. Put your fork down between bites and enjoy the flavour of the food while the digestive system gets revved up for whats coming down.

Fruit Dances Alone

Fruit is not only delicious but is meant to whip right through our digestive system and give us quick and useful energy. However when fruit is eaten with other foods which need much longer transit time, it hangs out in our digestive system longer than it is benefitial. This causes the fruit to ferment in our stomachs. Gas anyone?

Avoid Overeating

This one seems like a no-brainer, but happens all too often. We get so caught up on ‘more is better’ so our plates get filled and we go for seconds. All without checking in with how our bodies feel. Ancient Ayurvedic medicine recommends consuming the amount of food that will fit into two cupped hands at any meal.

Eating slower helps immensely with over eating. Breathe! Take time in-between bites to notice what messages are coming from your body. Does it want more? Does it want you to stop? Does it even want what you are eating?

Drink Lemon Water Before Eating

Drink a glass of warm lemon water about 30 minutes before eating. This helps to stimulate all those acidic juices on the stomach so it fires up and gets ready to tackle its prey. It also stimulates the liver to create more bile which is a digestive juice that helps to dissolve fat in your food. It improves your metabolism which in turm gives you more energy. I wove wemons!

Less Stress

A little bit of stress is good in our lives – it keeps us on our toes and challenged in order to grow. But many of us have gone past that healthy line of stress in our lives.

When we are stressed, our bodies are protecting us from whatever harm is around us, it is so busy doing other things that digesting food is unfortunately not a priority.

Before you eat take 3 breaths, let your body know all is well and it is time to eat and digest. Step away from the TV, computer, and newspaper and into a quiet space. After you are done, take another 3 breaths, and slowly go back to your activity.

En Guate!


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