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Clean Stainless Steel Naturally

Why were you all keeping this secret from me? I know some of you already knew about this. I am trying really hard not to hold a grudge.

But as I now look at my shiny, non-smudged, non-fingerprinted stainless steel fridge, I only feel goodness. A sense of peace softens my body and everyone who didn’t tell me about this earlier, I suddenly forgive.

Basically, I don’t want to use harsh cleaning chemicals in the kitchen. I just don’t. I prefer not to use them anywhere really, but the kitchen especially. I wouldn’t spray that shit in my mouth so why would I use it in the space where I prep food? Non?

I also knew the outside of our fridge had far more potential. Its outer beauty had been neglected and it just wasn’t shining as much as I knew it once had. It was begging me to find another way. And so I did.

Here is a process that changed everything for me.

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