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Cooling Cucumber Face Mask

Of course once I found out about this, a second barely went by before I was in the kitchen making it. It looked like one of those things that was right up my ally - fun, easy, simple and natural.

Here’s a little list of reasons why cucumbers are cool:

  • Hydrating - Cucumbers are 96% water.

  • Alkalizing - A great addition for juices or add a few slices to your water.

  • Digestion - Can give relief from heartburn, acidity, even ulcers.

  • Vitamin Goodness - Vit K, B5, C, potassium, manganese to name a few.

  • Hangover drink - Add some cucumber to your water to and let the electrolytes make you feel all better.

  • Go-Anti - Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, ant-cancer benefits.

Now back to the mask. It’s still on my face as I write this and I'm quite certain that the years are falling off as each moment passes. Supposedly this mask contains many of the minerals and vitamins needed to keep collagen intact. Collagen is our friend and the less we expose it to bad foods or too much sun and stress, the happier it is. However we live in a busy, sunny and polluted world so unfortunately collagen has seen better days. It is having a tough time keeping up.

And that is why the world invented cucumber masks. Not only does this help our friend, Collagen, it also gives our skin a cooling and rehydrating and effect. It soothes inflammation and evens out our skin tone. All great things.

So how you ask? I shall tell you now.

  • Grate ¼ of a cucumber (I used a the finer side of the grater which I would highly recommend)

  • Froth up 1 egg white (I used a mixer until it started to turn white)

  • Mix them together.

  • Smear on your face. This part felt GLORIOUS. I was thoroughly delighted by how soft and refreshing this was.

  • Cut up some slices and either put them on your face or just over your eyes depending on how adventurous you are feeling. Clearly I was feeling adventurous.

The best part is that Sam is sitting beside me with the mask on as well. He keeps saying “it feels crunchy”. Probably about 5 times now. So yes, the mask will start to harden and stiffen or ‘get crunchy’. Leave it on for at least 20 min and then wash off. Which I am going to do right now.


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