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Our bodies reveal whats real

Our bodies are meant to be our allies.

They are not designed to be fought against or turned into our enemies.

They live in a place of presence and of love and when we dont meet it there, we feel a deep resistance within. And it often shows.

We can try to force it all into place.

For a while.

Not eating, over exercising, overeating.

But our bodies always default back to what is real and true within us.

They reflect how we feel about ourselves and the world around us.

They reflect how we care for the many layers of what makes us, us.

They give us clues and signs of where we are ignoring what is important to us.

Life won't let us get away with hating ourselves internally while forcing ourselves to look good externally.

We can try, we really can.

But our bodies always reveal the truth of how we treat ourselves. Of how we love ourselves.

Our body is not the problem.

Its our relationship with our body.

And how we see ourselves.


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