Morning Rituals + Turmeric Elixir = A really good day

I like to start mornings on a good note cuz I feel like it sets the tone for the day. If I start all bummed out, chances are I'll be carrying that along with me through the day. Which, is ok sometimes but not fun most of the time.

Back in the day - my mornings were far more elaborate usually involving a walk, yoga, meditation, lots of quiet time. I'd get all om-y and ride that vibe for a while. Sometimes I can still get some of those in

So these are the basics, the non-negotiables, that I use to brighten my 5:30am wake up calls.

Three deep breaths

Never leave home, or your bedroom, without them. No matter what is going on out there or in your head. This sounds miniscule but its a big one. They feel good and give you space and a moment to connect to yourself before getting all up in your head about the day ahead.

Cold water splash

KEY! This washes away the sleepy state and wakes me right up. Sometimes if I feel really sleepy or head-y Ill put my feet under cold water too. This might sound like torture to some of you, I get it, but give it a good few tries - I really do love this one.

Get outside for a sec.

Just a sec, or more. It brings more of a refreshing feel to your whole body. Basically what you just did to your face, your body will get a taste of that too. Don't bother with coats or shoes, just get out there for a moment. You might actually like it. Hazel and I like to see if the moon is out or if the stars are there. Or if its raining, snowing, etc. Its become a little ritual for us and the fresh air is ALWAYS welcomed. It seems to zap her out of a cranky state for a bit.

Lemon water.

I'm a fan of this one because it is SO easy and one of those things that makes you feel like you already crushed the day and gave your body a lil healthy treat. Squeeze 1/2 a lemon in a cup and add some warm water. Take it back.

Turmeric Elixir

This just started to be a part of my routine instead of the lemon water. We went to a market and we bought a mason jar of this stuff by Moonshine Mamas and LOVED it. I highly recommend theirs. Then I also thought I could make one similar. Its not quite as good, but its still really good. Ill give you the recipe below.