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Secrets from our Dark Angels

I've been wanting to write about this for a while. It doesn't have a lot to do with food or yoga but it is something that I am inspired by.

We often come across people in our lives who challenge us. They are those people who we get irritated by quickly, who bring about feelings of anxiety, discomfort, tension, jealousy, etc within ourselves.

I call these people our Dark Angels.

They are the ones you take you right out of your comfort zone and make you want to crawl back in. Dark Angels are the ones that make you want to wave your magic wand 'away with them.'

But they keep showing up. In the exact ways that annoy you.

Sometimes they hang about for a while, sometimes it is just for a brief moment. But we always recognize them when they are around because we feel a sense of discomfort about them.

When I look back and remember those who really (like REALLY) challenged me (and Im being kind with the word challenged) I have also recognized that they are the exact people who showed me something about myself that I didn't know or see before.

Sometimes when I stopped blocking or resisting them - cuz that can be exhausting - and opened up to a new perspective on them, it seems as if they actually propelled me further and faster into a direction I had felt blocked by before.

There is a new age-y approach of - just get rid of all the people who don't serve you. Surround yourself with only those who do. Which I get. But its not always about shutting people who challenge us out of our lives. Close the door (or 30 doors) and move on. But then you just have a lot of closed doors and people behind them.

Cuz guess what - until we understand the gift they are offering, the same person will show up in a different form.

Its about recognizing they are on some level a teacher for us. They are a mirror, bringing us light in a dark form.

Getting to the root of why they annoy you can be so helpful and productive. What might they be guiding you towards? What do they have that you want for yourself? How much of your power do you hand over to other people? What are you choosing to see?


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