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feed your self is a journey 

it is a process of nourishing who we are, listening to our body and moving towards deep connection to our inner selves. from this place we move forward with greater integrity and confidence in our lives and the world. 

food + body

our relationship with food and our body can often be a complex and confusing game.


we might be experiencing tension in our bodies, intense cravings for 'bad foods' and rigid diets to get us back on track. it is often accompanied by low self-esteem, fluctuating willpower, and a constant battle between body and mind. binging, depriving, counting and calculating of calories, fat or servings - the list goes on.


we might direct our anger and frustration towards our body and punish ourselves with deprivation and harsh (often broken) promises. 


if we don't know how to feed our selves, we would never be satisfied with what we eat, how we feel, and who we are. 


time for a new approach.

food + body



mon 6:30pm flow @ undrgrnd (north van)

wed 6:30pm resorative @ undrgrnd (last wed/month)

thurs 6:30pm flow @ undrgrnd + 8:30pm power yyoga nse

yoga has been a game changer for me.


as someone who can be easily swayed or influenced by the world around me, it is very important for me to unplug and reconnect back to myself. yoga is one of the reliable ways for me to do that.


after over 12 years of teaching, i have only scratched the surface of what is available to us from this ancient practice.


i now teach out of my basement space called UNDRGRND. for more info click here 





my early days were ideal. my parents moved to canada from switzerland with only a few words of english and a dream to farm. they worked through their startup struggles, had five kids and created a sweet life for all of us. 

farm life has a formula - show up, work hard, get results. being a sensitive soul, it was clear to me that emotions weren't very useful in the world. sensitivity wasn't an asset. it didn't get shit done, it got in the way. 

as i got older, more experiences led me to learn how to keep it together and hold it all inside. still, i was mostly unsuccessful at that and the emotions flowed strongly and uncomfortably within me.


i began to subconsciously pull myself out of my body in attempt to control it all. my body always felt too awkward, too anxious, too sensitive, too unpredictable.

i stopped listening to my body. i turned to food for comfort and often ate too much to soothe and distract myself. 

i somewhat managed with the constant tension and nervousness i felt. but eventually anxiety took over. i was trying to get away from it all while my body was trying to pull me back.

it was during one of my travels that i landed in a yoga class. i knew this was an answer to my struggle when i walked out of my first class feeling light and calm for the first time in forever. finally my journey towards feeling good in my body started. and continues.


i began to see that what i was searching for was the same thing i was endlessly running away from.

became a yoga teacher and holistic 

nutritionist for my own learning and journey. i am grateful for all the teachers, leaders, friends and guides who have showed up along my way. i'm now inspired to support others as they move through theirs.


be in touch

vancouver, bc

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