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this meditation is to support us in becoming more aware and connected to our body.

body awareness
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this meditation connects us to a part of our body that is calling for attention and awareness. it brings us to focus on this area with our attention and breath. 

body focus
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this short meditation is to help those experiencing anxiety around food and eating. it can help to feel more calm before a meal, to support the digestive system, and to feel more relaxed about whatever we have chosen to eat.

mindful eating pre
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mindful eating

post bite

an important and often forgotten piece to mindful eating is how we feel after we eat. if we rush onto the next thing, our body will struggle to digest properly. this meditation is to gather important information on how we feel after we ate.

mindful eating post
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this seated practice is to open up and release tension through the neck and shoulders.

a short slow flow to de-stress and relax before going to bed. this class is to prepare you for a deep and peaceful sleep.

a short seated class open up through the hips.

a stronger flow practice that gets into the hips and supports us in staying grounded.

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