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15 Ways to Use Coconut Oil

I say, Doctor, doctor, ain't there nothin' I can take,

I say, Doctor, dooooctor, to relieve this belly ache?'

Put the lime in the coconut, drink them both together,

Put the lime in the coconut, then you feel better,

Well whatdya you know - there is wisdom to this song. Coconut oil can help relieve and ease digestion. So can lime. But this blog is about coconuts.

What else can we do with it?

  1. Cooking – Cook and bake with it. It’s smoke point is way higher than other oils.

  2. Butter replacement – Can replace butter in any recipe, and definitely try it on toast.

  3. Skin lotion – You’ll feel silky smooth and taste yummy.

  4. Homemade deodorants – After a month of using this recipe - I am still head over heels in love.

  5. Body scrub – Mix coconut oil with sugar and scrub a dub dub.

  6. Natural Sunscreen – Has low SPF so will also help build a healthy summer glow.

  7. Massage oil – Kinky! Mix with your favorite essential oils and find a friend.

  8. Natural Chap Stick – It won't make your lips more chapped like some commercial ones do.

  9. Ayurvedic Oil Pulling – Put a tbsp. in your mouth and swoosh around for at least 15min. It is meant to pull toxins out of your body. Why not, hey?

  10. Helps to resolve acne – Do not fear. Putting coco oil on your face will actually normalize your oil production reducing acne appearances.

  11. Hair tamer and conditioner – Deep condition your hair by applying small amount on it overnight. Or if your going for that sassy look rub a very small amount between your palms then smooth over your hair.

  12. Metabolism booster – 2 tbsp/day will rev up your metabolism.

  13. Add to Smoothies – To increase energy and added flav add a tbsp. into your smoothie

  14. Popcorn – My FAV popcorn flavouring recipe is melted coconut oil and Bragg’s liquid amino's.

  15. Add to coffee – Some people like to replace cream with coconut oil.

When buying coconut oil look for virgin and cold pressed. Some brands/types have removed the flavour and I always regret it when I accidentally buy that one. Does anything smell better than coconut oil? Nope. Nothin.

You put da lime in da coconut.... I'm going to be singing that song for the rest of the day....and drink them both up...

What'd I miss?? Let me know what you do with your coconut oil!


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